Sunday, November 11, 2007

10 Indispensable 'GMail IMAP With Outlook' Hidden Features

As you might already know, GMail has recently introduced IMAP support. Following are some features sure to enhance your GMail IMAP experience using GIWO (GMail IMAP With Outlook); and for those still using Hotmail, these features will provide easy ways to transfer old emails without loosing information and a devout GMailer!

  1. Like Hotmail, GIWO supports folders. Just right click in folder/account list to create 'New Folder'. On GMail server, these folders are converted into path strings a/b/c and stored as labels. This path string must respect GMail's maximum label length restriction of 40 characters.
  2. One of the greatest features that differentiates GMail from Hotmail is that using the above technique, GMail can support sub folders. Did I say this is one of the greatest features?
  3. GIWO supports both email and folder drag and drop support. This is also the 'move' feature, which is accessible by right clicking the folder/email. If you want to copy a folder/email instead, right click it and click on 'Copy' option.
  4. Just like Hotmail, GIWO supports transferring folders/emails within the same account and between two GIWO accounts.
  5. One of the most awesome features of GIWO is the bidirectional folder/email transfer capability between Hotmail and GIWO. Remember, Hotmail does not support sub folders :( Use this feature to copy old emails from your Hotmail account to your GMail account.
  6. Using GIWO, like Hotmail, one can transfer mails between GMail accounts without loosing the mail header. But unlike Hotmail, GMail also retains the 'read' status. In other words, transferring new mail is left as unread while transferring read mails are marked read. Great time saver!
  7. Here's another feature sure to win a few more hearts: looking to use GMail as your online file server? Did you know GIWO actually supports uploading files (in bulk) from local folder to GMail server? Here's how: Create a folder in your GIWO account, say 'FileServer'. Now drag one or more files to 'FileServer' under 'All Mail Folder' tree. There you have it, each file will be uploaded as an email with file name as the subject and file as the attachment. The file size ofcourse is limited by GMail attachment size limits.
  8. Here's another great use of the transfer feature explained above: Email backup. Just copy folder(s) from one GIWO account to another GIWO account. Then append date or sequence number to the copied folder on the destination GIWO account to represent backup version. Congratulations! You just backed up your email in a single operation.
  9. Like Outlook Exchange Server, using GIWO, one can also rename an email's subject and save the change to server. Just open email, click on subject text and start typing, then save email. Great feature for correctly naming emails.
  10. Want to 'star' a mail item using GIWO? Open the email and just flag it using the 'follow up' icon. This email will now show up in 'Starred' items. 

I have noticed that some of these features don't work with Outlook Express. Use Outlook 2000/2003 instead. These feature might also work with other email clients like Thunderbird. Please post in the comments if they do. Thanks!

GIWO Instructions

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