Friday, July 21, 2006

Options explained in 10 lines

I am learning this stuff and the following Options cheat-sheet might help others.


For the option purchaser (also called the holder or taker), the option: - offers the right (but imposes no obligation), - to buy (call option) or sell (put option) - a specific quantity (eg 100) - of a given financial underlying (eg shares) - at an agreed price (exercise or strike price), or calculable value - on one or more call dates - for a premium (option price)

The counter party (option writer / seller) has an obligation to fulfill the contract if the option holder exercises the option. In return, the option seller receives the option price or premium.


Here are some simple yet detailed Options tutorials ...

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

10 Easy Hindi Songs On Piano

My daughter is turning 3, a good age to expose her to musical instruments. No one in our family knows music, so I researched some popular music (piano) tunes from the Internet. So presenting ... ladies and gentlemen, a collection of Hindi tunes for the mini kiddo piano.

(1) Tujhe dekho to yeh jana sanam (DDLJ) aaa ede cdfe aaa ede cdcb abg abg acb abg abg cba

(2) ek-do-teen (Tezaab) cde-de-de-dccd-dd'-dd'dc

(3) kal ho na ho (KHNH) b'ab'ab'-dcb'a-gagaga fgb' ge' fgf fgb' gf b'ag

(4) papa kehte hain (QSQT) eedcd gacfed eedcd gacfed gabccc ccbaa aag ffefg

(5) Dil ke armaan aansuon mein behe gaye (Naseeb) c'd' ef'e c'd'c' cc' c'c'

(6) Arre re are (DTPH) cdd'c gfd'd cdd'c g'g cdd'c gfd'd fgfd'd' dc

(7) Ajeeb daastan hai yeh: eded bagb eded baga,

(8) Pehla nasha: aacc caggcc f ffga [fd] [fa] [fd] ffaff ddfd ccc gag ggaa'agcgagg agff

(9) Kal ho naa ho: c bc bc bcedcb ab ab [x2] gaca fgag gaca gffaaag

(10) mahi ve(starting bit): a#a#aa#cca#c a#a#aa#cca#ca#c aaa#

I must apologize to the original author(s), I don't have the original reference; but I wish to thank them nonetheless. Please post original URL in the comments if known. Thanks!